How do we help the Army train soldiers on mobile phones?

Case study

Using the power of mobile computing devices, SoMo developed a mobile e-learning, training and skill set solution for the iOS and Android platforms titled StreetSMART.

StreetSMART was designed for the US Army to teach how to maintain Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield cognitive tasks in an urban environment. This app aims to train soldiers also to understand the areas where Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) may able be employed inanurbansetting. Thereisashortquizattheendofthe StreetSmart app to show how this tool can also ensure that the students and users adequately learned the principles taught on IPB. This app is intended to save lives and time while training and in operational settings. With a mobile- based learning system, soldiers are able to bring the best training materials with them to the battlefield and beyond.

The StreetSMART application is available to download for Andriod platforms from Google Play Simply visit:

StreetSMART: US Army IPB in Urban Environments App

• A handy reference for military units operating in urban combat areas

• Links to videos of IED attacks

• Includes a quiz to evaluate learning