How do we use the web to control traffic in the skies?

Case study

In 2010, members of the SOS team designed and developed ATOConnected, a Knowledge Network intranet portal for the FAA’s ATO employees.

The team delivered a foundational framework to create a robust communications strategy and delivery management system. ATO gained the capability to communicate program information clearly, easily, and quickly between dispersed team members, users and stakeholder partners at a level that makes utilization of corporate communications channels impractical (e.g. individual emails, paper documentation, faxes, numerous FAA websites).

As such, our web based solution was customized to the specific needs of the ATO in a viable and preferred communication channel that delivers unified and deliberate news and information to over 36,000 FTO users and stakeholders within a workgroup-centric Web 2.0 Cloud-computing construct accessible from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


ATO Connected contains the following features:

  • Personalized biography page
  • Topical industry articles and videos
  • Links to other govt. agency websites (DOT, MyFAA,, FAA)
  • Online polls
  • Tag clouds
  • Calendar capabilities (upcoming events)
  • Personalized activity history stream
  • Personalized blogs
  • Media galleries
  • Document upload capabilities
  • Social networking capabilities (workgroups)
  • Internal wiki