How do we create a gateway to 20,000 websites?

Case study

The HHS Data Council’s Gateway to Data and Statistics (Gateway) project is a highly focused search tool for locating specific health and human services statistical data and information on over 20,000 WebPages. The initiative was taken in support of the “One Department” management approach at HHS and enables the Department to address the data needs of the HHS leadership for policy, research, programmatic and program performance information.

Gateway incorporates a user-friendly, highly focused search tool to find specific statistical information on the web. DSFederal is tasked with maintaining it, updating to keep it current, and making improvements as the website grows and new technology becomes available.

To ensure the continued success of the site’s purpose, DSFederal monitors the performance of the site on an ongoing basis to assure that it functions smoothly.  Our team of programmers has designed and executed site scans, using generated reports to fix site quality problems, including Section 508 accessibility issues and broken links, and making recommendations for process improvements based on analysis of site scan reports.

Our team tracks usage patterns and user behavior of Gateway for the purpose of monitoring the volume of customers and other metrics. We have also developed user guides and feedback mechanisms for visitors to ensure that their needs are being fulfilled.

The database features links to other relevant government agencies –such as the FDA, NIH, CDC, ASPE­– and sites like,, and