How do we help children in a time of crisis?

Case study

Description of Requirement: In 2007, President Bush signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act, establishing the NCCD to reduce gaps in disaster preparedness policies that specifically address the needs of children. Our team team staffed the commissions’ offices, providing a team of outreach coordinators who had researched, designed, and executed a comprehensive strategy to contact stakeholders ranging from national and local nonprofits, to educational institutions, medical communities, and emergency management centers of excellence.

In order to stress the importance of the Commission’s findings and recommendations, we executed an exhaustive outreach program aimed at disseminating information to a wide range of stakeholders in the medical and emergency management community. Additionally, specific audiences within local and national government agencies were targeted through simultaneous outreach efforts on federal agency websites and industry publications. We develop all written and digital communications sent to media, stakeholders and Hill staffers including press releases, media advisories, email blasts and presentation materials for the Commissioner’s speaking engagements. In addition, we implement targeted public relations initiatives and disseminate outreach materials to eachoftheCommission’sstakeholdersandpartneringassociations. Aspartofourwritingsupport for NCCD, we conduct literature searches and draft reports as well as develop communication strategies for information dissemination.

In fulfillment of the NCCD’s mission and through the efforts of our full-time communications staff, our team has since published its findings in two seminal reports submitted to the President and Congress.