How do we help uphold integrity in research?

Case study

Members of the SoMo team are currently supporting the Office of Research Integrity at HHS in an Educational Resources contract which is aimed at developing modern educational tools for early career researchers and postgraduate students. Our work has led to the creation of online test batteries, casebooks, bootcamps, and an interactive training DVD which portrays the challenges faced by lab technicians and researchers (using live actors).

In 2011, members of SoMo were asked to coordinate all logistical support activities for the ORI. This includes the annual ORI conference in Washington DC as well as numerous regional conferences nationwide, where apart from event management services, DSFederal has also produced video interviews and filmed participant speeches to be hosted online as instructional tools in Research Integrity for posterity. The conference required the use of social media buzz and advertising to generate its largest turnout ever, leading DSFederal to create custom accounts on Twitter and Flickr, as well as adopting tools such as digital live polling, QR-coding for smartphones and creating a promotional video for the event, which was later distributed to attendees in customized USB drives to commemorate the event.